Extracting Termites From A Property

Extracting Termites From A Property

When a homeowner discovers there are termites present on their property, they will want to take fast action in eliminating them so they do not cause damage to any structures present. Termites have four equal sized wings and straight antennae, unlike winged ants which have longer front wings and bent antennae. If there are spots in the home where wood is weak or if these winged insects are noticed, immediate steps need to be taken in their removal. Here are some methods one can use with help from a ant control service to eradicate termites from a property for good.

Take Steps In The Care Of The Property

To keep termites from becoming a problem, moisture should be at a minimum around the foundation of a home. Making sure gutters are in place to direct water away from the structure is best. It is a good idea to keep wood piles far from the home so termites do not make their way to the structure as well. The foundation should be checked regularly for any signs of cracks. Filling them with an appropriate sealant will help keep any termites on the exterior of the building from getting inside.

Use Pesticides Or Bait Traps To Eliminate Termites

Pest Control services are a necessity when it comes to the removal of termites. They will have the proper pesticides needed to remove them in their entirety. These agents are very potent and will require that an inhabitants leave the premise when they are applied. The service will alert the people living in the home when they can safely return. Another way a pest control service would try to remove termites is with the use of bait traps. These are placed into the ground and termites will gather the bait to bring back to their nests, killing all the termites present as a result.

Try Beneficial Nematodes Or A Fungus Treatment

If one wishes to use a natural method to eliminate termites, they may want to try the application of beneficial nematodes to the soil surrounding the home. These small insects will burrow into the ground and eat any termites present. The administration of fungus treatments are also a successful method in the removal of termites from a property. These would need to be done by a professional termite ant control service for them to work effectively as they would know the right type and amount of fungus to add to the soil.

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